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What is Dear Doodles?


Dear Parents,

Hello, my name is Devon Holland aka “Doodles.”

I founded Dear Doodles when I was 15 to make kindness and inclusiveness cool for young kids. I believe that being kind and including others are at the core of feeling good about ourselves and creating healthy and happy families, schools, and communities. Happy and healthy communities will lead to a better, more inclusive, more peaceful world :)!

Being kind to others starts with a person feeling loved and valued themselves. Feeling good about who you are, and being resilient, help to give all of us, especially children, the courage to reach out and make someone’s day.

Doodles believes that it is never too early to start empowering kids to be kind to others. No act of sharing, smiling, helping, including, or caring is too small. That’s why I created the Kind Kid Crew, a fun group of characters who I hope will be role models and friends to the little kids we meet. I hope every child we meet wants to become a member of the Dear Doodles Kind Kid Crew.

Through Dear Doodles, I hope to achieve these goals:

  • Provide excitement, enjoyment and happiness for little kids by making them feel special through my letters and programs.
  • Make it cool to be a kind kid.
  • Help kids have fun with their families and friends.
  • Inspire kids to try something new — to lead, be creative, courageous, and resilient.

I am launching Dear Doodles as a subscription service focused on Pre-K to 3rd graders. Each month I will send a letter to your child with a happy thought, an activity, and a Kind Kid Trading Card with a Kind Kid Move of the Month they can try.

I might send a sticker one month, a postcard from a place I have visited another month, a picture of a beautiful sunset or a silly poem. Each letter will have a theme and I will invite your child to send me something back. They can write me about anything they want to talk about or draw me a picture. Anytime they write me, I will send them a personal letter back. If you let me know when their birthday is, I will also send them a birthday card.

Mostly I want Dear Doodles to be FUN and something your child looks forward to each and every month.

A Dear Doodles subscription includes a Kind Kid Crew t-shirt, a monthly letter with a different kind kid trading card each month, a birthday card, and as many letters back to your child as they write to me. You can find more information on my website. I will be using 10% of the profits from Dear Doodles to subsidize letters to children in low- income communities through their schools and after-school programs

To subscribe, please click here.

That’s the story, here we go…

With Kindness,