Testimonials - Dear Doodles


What people are saying about Dear Doodles

Every month we get a new letter from Doodles, and my daughter loves to read it to me. She looks forward to the letter each month, and loves the Kind Kids. Addie is her favorite!

Jocelyn O.


Both of my children are big, big fans of the Dear Doodles program. They love receiving letters in the mail and writing back to Doodles. It has really improved their writing skills!

Mike B.


My boys can’t wait to get a letter from Dear Doodles!
They LOVE telling me about their kind kid moves and collecting the kind kid cards.

Stacey S.


Dear Doodles is a really fun way for us to reinforce the values of kindness and inclusivity that are so important to our family and the world today. Bravo to Doodles for making those lessons easy to share!

Drew H