You’re invited into the wild world of Doodlesville, where anything can happen and it usually does.

Doodles is every kid’s favorite friend! She and her funny pals, the Oodles, are on a mission to make every kid feel special and part of the fun! The wacky Oodles are all members of the ultra cool, once-in-a-lifetime Kind Kid Crew – and you can be too!

Doodles is the star of our show and serves as the gateway to adventure for kids around the world. She is the world’s first female kids’ show host who is actually closer in age to the kids who’ll be watching!  Doodles is more of a peer than a mentor. She’s your friend! She curates our adventures with excitement and savvy.

Doodles will discover new and exciting people, places and things, right along with the kids at home. Her enthusiasm and joy is infectious, and will encourage kids to want to see and do all the things she does. Whether it’s WOW-ing us on how to make lava in a cup, or petting a baby alligator, lemur, kinkajou, armadillo, Doodles does it all with style and a smile.

When faced with a puzzling situation or a challenge, Doodles will talk her way through the problem, right along with the kids at home. She’ll ask questions, try out new and various strategies, and will ultimately allow the kids at home to be full participants in the decisions she makes.

Doodles loves trying new foods, going to new places and she especially loves visiting with rare and unusual animals.

But most of all, Doodles likes to make the world a better place. She looks for opportunities to be kind to one and all, and she sincerely hopes that she can make a positive difference in the lives of her friends.


Media & Entertainment

  • Format: 13 X 22’
  • Audience: Kids (3+)
  • Development Stage:  In-Production

Merchandise and Licensing

  • Interactive Plush Toys
  • Trading Cards, Books & Collectibles
  • App and games including 3D Doodlesville World

Our Technology

Proprietary Software Tools:

  • Custom iPhone app to record voice actors facial expressions
  • Custom plugin for Unity Game Engine to render animated characters
  • VR motion capture tools in development

Our Core Values

Butoon 1


Buttom 2


Button 3




Dear Doodles Founded


December 2016 Live

December 2016

Summer 2017

Pre-Production kicks-off
Dear Doodles Show

Summer 2017

Early 2019

Production for Dear Doodles Show begins

Early 2019

Meet the Team


Devon Holland

“Doodles”, Founder, President, Creator,

Devon’s passion has always been helping people and saving the earth, especially young kids and animals. Her empathy for others is what drives all of her activities from her music projects to her inventions to the new business she is launching, Dear Doodles. She started Dear Doodles as her Quest project in the 10th grade at 15 years old to make kindness and inclusiveness cool for young kids. Devon believes that being kind and including others are at the core of feeling good about ourselves and creating healthy and happy families, schools, and communities. Happy and healthy communities will lead to a better, more inclusive, more peaceful world! 

Version 2

Kylie Holland

Chief Operating Officer

Kylie is a Junior at Stanford studying Symbolic Systems, with a concentration in Human-Computer Interaction. She has worked as a Product Management intern for startups UnifyID and, and runs a pizza catering company, A Girl and Her Dragon Pizza. In her spare time, Kylie enjoys volunteering, cooking, and playing in the Stanford marching band.


Marvin Scaff


Marvin is the CEO and CTO of Dear Doodles and previously founding CTO at Dabbl, leading the effort to raise over $12M+ in venture capital. Marvin has led software development teams for Voqel, Accelerare, abeama, BrainBuzz, Kinetoscope, Image Technologies, and E-Merge. He developed the first interactive press kit for Disney, placed in the Disney Memorabilia Hall of Fame. Marvin has delivered projects for Nokia, Ford Motor Company, and Time Warner. As Co-founder and CEO of Kinetoscope, he developed Java intelligent agent platform, that served as the foundation for PowerMarket, a Silicon Valley startup backed by Kleiner Perkins and Norwest Venture Partners.


Mark Valenti

Chief Creative Officer, Director/Writer

Mark has written, edited, and produced more than 200 hours in films such as Back to the Future, My Friends Tigger and Pooh and Rugrats: In addition to writing and running over 100 episodes of Nickelodeon’s LazyTown, filmed in Iceland. He has scripted for ABC Family, Hallmark, NBC, Dreamworks, Paramount Studios, Twentieth-century Fox Studios, and Disney. Mark also re-imagined Disney’s California Adventures theme park, and managed Disney Interactive. Prior to his writing career, he served as VP of Development for John Hughes Entertainment, during the production period of Home Alone. Foundational skills were acquired with Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment, Oprah Winfrey and Sydney Pollack’s production companies.

Michael Baxter

Art Director / Designer

Mike is the founder and art director of Makai Design, a small, multi-faceted design and animation service in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has worked closely with Devon to help develop the Dear Doodles brand, and assist in bringing her vision of the Kind Kid Crew to life. Mike is also an indoor rock climber, former scuba diver, four-time Tough Mudder™, a pretty decent chef, serious movie aficionado, a devoted father of two and enthusiastic supporter of the DearDoodles program.

Tim O'Connor Fraser

Web developer

Tim is the founder/owner of Dewdrop Media. He loves “to build things with people who care about their work”. In this case,! As our web developer, Tim is working to make Dear Doodles an easy-to-use and fun website. When he’s not building websites, he’s probably outdoors playing with his young son or taking a walk with his wife and little dog, Nico.

Gen Wolfe

Art Director / Designer

Genesis Morales goes by Gen Wolfe. She received by BFA from the University of South Florida where she focused on digital art and animation. She has professional experience working in studio settings and as a freelance contractor. She is excited to continue building her artistic skills and growing as an independent person as she progresses with her career.


Huge thanks to my Early Child Development Mentors:

  • Janice Toben, Founder and Managing Director, Institute for Social and Emotional Learning
  • Christine Wang, Project Director, Teen Mental Health Initiative at Children’s Health Council
  • Jennifer Winters, Director, Stanford University’s Bing Nursery School & Lecturer, Department of Psychology
  • Jennifer Bloom-Smith, 1st Grade Teacher, 15 years
  • Catherine Castillo, Kindergarten Teacher, 25 years
  • Daphna Woolfe, 3rd Grade Teacher, 30 years
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