Connecting parents with Dear Doodle’s Kind Kids to provide fun and entertainment for your children (and to give you a break!).


It’s a tough time for parents and kids. For the first time ever, parents are asked to be teachers (every subject from circle time to S.T.E.A.M, Physics to P.E, prep school to after school enrichment) while they are all sheltered-in- place for an indefinite amount of time. That means that parents are also having to be entertainer, housekeeper, chef, gardener, house manager, sanitation patrol, warden, family therapist and activities director 24/7.

And if that weren’t enough, many still have to continue to work, juggling Zoom meetings and project deadlines in between all of that.

Kids miss friends, teachers, playdates, playgrounds, extracurricular activities and really aren’t interested in doing school from home.

That’s where Dear Doodle’s Kind Kids come in! Kind Kids are Stanford students who are ready and able to support parents with virtual playdates, entertainment and tutoring! They are a passionate, qualified group ready to give parents a well-needed and deserved break.

What is this?

Virtual, short-term engagement with your kids in the form of a playdate or tutoring, with a focus on fun activities. Our pre-screened team of Kind Kids will videoconference (Zoom, Google Hangout or Facetime) your house and spend 30-60 minutes with your child. They might chat, play charades, do crafts, play music, read books, exercise, or any number of enriching activities based on what the parent and child need!

Pricing and Packages

$ 15 30 Minutes
$ 20 45 Minutes
$ 25 60 Minutes

Buy 10 sessions (any length) and get 10% off, plus a free 10-week subscription to Doodles’ activity sessions!

Sponsor a Family

Are you interested in gifting sessions for qualifying families suffering from financial hardships due to job and income loss during this challenging time?

On the enrollment form you can donate or gift a session. You can enter a name and email address if you want to gift a session to someone you know, or leave those forms blank and we will donate one to a family in need.

If your child qualifies for free/reduced lunch during the regular school year, we may be able to offer discounts or free sessions.

Looking for more ways to entertain your kids?

Dear Doodles will live-steam videos herself with read-alongs, sing-a-alongs, paint-a-longs, and other play-alongs providing additional entertainment for children of all ages! A weekly subscription to Doodles’ activity livestreams only costs $10. Check out the FAQ for more information.

Check out our FAQ for answers to questions like: How do I book a session? What are the Kind Kids qualifications? Do you offer package deals?

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